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Hardware database of ROSA Linux
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This is a hardware database of ROSA Linux. The database is created automatically by the community and by the static analysis of the linux kernel and drivers.

The main purpose of the database is to quickly debug hardware related problems with users personal computers.

The list of all tested computers you can find on this page.

The subsection for multifunctional devices (MFP, printers, scanners, etc.) is here.

Recent hardware probes:

15e62c605f: HP EliteBook 840 G3
93a71d957b: Lenovo B590 20208
8c2895839e: desktop PC
b808174b3e: desktop PC

Total tested computers: 3469

Total probes: 6417

How can I use the DB?

The database can be used in multiple ways:

How to contribute?

You can upload your hardware details to the database by the built-in HW Probe tool. You will get an URL of the probe to view and share it online.

More info?

Please read an article about the project in the ROSA Planet journal.