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What is probe?

Probe - is a snapshot of your computer's hardware state.

It contains information about all hardware devices and its initialization logs. Additionally it includes results of some operability tests.

How to make a probe?

To make a probe of your PC please run this command in the console (as root):

   hw-probe -all -upload -id PC_NAME

NOTE #1: Your devices information and system logs will be uploaded to the hardware DB.
NOTE #2: You will get an URL to view the probe: (like this).

In some versions of ROSA you may need to install HW Probe Tool. It's shipped only with ROSA Fresh R4 or higher.

You can make a probe in the ROSA Live mode without the need to install the distribution on the computer.

How can I use it?

You can attach the probe URL to a bug or share it with colleagues to debug problems.

You can discover the hardware of your PC and look at the initialization log.

Please read more info in the ROSA Planet journal.

More options?

This is a list of all available tool's options:

-allEnable all probes
-probeProbe for hardware
-logsCollect system logs
-printersProbe for printers
-checkCheck devices operability
-uploadUpload result to the DB
-id PC_NAMEName of the PC